Current Band Members:
Bendrew Jong - Keyboard
Devon Thrumston - Cello
Homer Ladas - Double Bass
Jimmy 'Nico' Abosky - Singer
Justine E. Milburn - Violin
Mario Lamarche - Piano
Osa Kauffman - Cello
Sean Dockery - Acoustic Guitar
Sergei Lushtak - Piano
Tosca N - Acoustic Guitar
Cristina Ladas - Unofficial Mascot
Los Bandacticos aka The Didactic Tango Band Homepage
Current & In-Works Song Playlist:
1. 9 de Julio
2. Malena
3. A La Gran Muneca
4. Si Soy Asi

1. Tengo Mil Novias
2. Romance de Barrio
3. Palomita Blanca

1. Silueta Portena
2. Milonga Sentimental
3. Campo Afuera

Beyond Tango:
1. Oblivion (Astor Piazzolla)
2. A Las Cinco en la Giralda
(Los Cosos de al Lao)
Sheet Music
For Classic Tango, Vals, & Milonga Sheet Music we are currently using Ben Bogart's Lead Sheets - available here!
Malena with Nico singing (Lateshift Performance 2, 1st song, 03/15/08)

Juanuary 30th, 2008 (CELLspace Performace 1 - 01/30/08):
Link to Youtube Video Playlist Here: First Performance at Cellspace (includes song and musician info).

Here's an alternate playlist link (with a different video angle, & includes 'closing comments' after song #6)!